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v1.0: Mon June 8, 2009
-fixed minor trig bugs
-added email contact at bottom

v0.9a: Tue June 2, 2009
-changed trig functions to dropdown menu
-changed footer CSS

v0.8a: Mon June 1, 2009
-added Google Adsense, common footer to all pages
-fixed a number of input bugs
-fixed cache system bugs
-performed some basic benchmarking:
(all times below measured from browser-side)

--default trig (no cache) = 674ms
--default trig (w/ cache) = 202ms

--default cubic (no cache) = 905ms
--default cubic (w/ cache) = 290ms

--default exponential (no cache) = 526ms
--default exponential (w/ cache) = 330ms

average speedup due to cache = 428ms = nearly 0.5 seconds!

v0.7a: Sun May 31, 2009
-added redundancy to input with regular expressions
-added quartic support
-added exponential support

v0.6a: Fri May 28, 2009
-improved scale support even more
-fixed numbering
-added decimal scale support

v0.5a: Thu May 28, 2009
-improved scale support
-added trig phase shift
-fixed trig bugs
-increased limit on scale to 1 x 107 units

v0.4a: Tue May 26, 2009
-added basic, mostly-working scale support

v0.3a: Mon May 25, 2009
-added PNG caching system
-increased speed, decreased server load

v0.2a: Fri May 22, 2009
-added basic trig support
-fixed table of values calculation
-fixed default window calculation
-fixed anti-aliasing for PHP without imageantialias()

v0.1a: Thu May 21, 2009
-added basic polynomial support
-added table of values
-added variable window support
-validated (temporarily) with W3C